Insurance Claims Adjuster Salaries

Factors That Impact Salary

Insurance claims adjusters must work through the process of settling insurance claims by dealing with the policy holder, the insurance company and any outside sources that come up through the process. When first starting out in this business the salary may not exceed twenty five thousand dollars annually but as experience grows so will the salary.

As seen with most career choices and salary there are factors to consider.

  1. Those new to the field or inexperienced will earn less than established experienced claims adjusters.
  2. Claims adjusters working for big name insurance companies earn slightly more starting out than independent or public claims adjusters.
  3. Geography and relative costs of living impact the feasibility of working as an insurance claims adjuster.

Insurance claims adjusters can make a decent living. In most States claims adjusters can earn more than thirty thousand dollars annually. The National average at this time is forty three to forty four thousand, depending on location and the company worked for.

What To Expect As A New Claims Adjuster

When entering the field of insurance claims adjuster the salary may seem low but quickly grows. With larger insurance companies the starting salaries vary by location but remain in the high twenty to low thirty thousand dollars per year range.

Public and Independent insurance claims adjuster who are working for firms not associated with an insurance company make a little less than those in the larger insurance companies. However, growth in this field will balance out the salary differences usually within two years of employment.

Advantages Of Experience

The longer a claims adjuster remains working in this field the more they tend to earn. With experience comes the benefit of higher wages. Senior Claims adjusters in top insurance companies have been known to earn nearly eighty thousand dollars per year. However, the national average salary for a claims adjuster remains at forty plus thousand dollars a year.

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