Individual Dental Insurance in US

Individual Dental Insurance in USA

  • It is very important to avail or subscribe to a financially viable dental insurance plan. The insurance plan you subscribe to would help in keeping various dental expenditures in check.
  • Some employers do not offer individual dental Insurance in USA. Thus, getting one for oneself can be a good decision. Individual dental coverage is the dental insurance coverage sold directly by the insurance company to its clients.

Indemnity (fee for service) plans

  • Dental Indemnity is preferred by clients who want to have more control over their choice of dentists.
  • This plan is categorized under Individual Dental Insurance, as the people who opt for such plans are generally seeking expertise from specific dentists when it comes to their dental needs.
  • When a client chooses this plan, they take it upon themselves to do all the requisite paperwork in order to avail the benefit of the insurance plan. The client is also required to make insurance claims and file them at the office of the insurance company. As per the insurance plan availed, the company would then meet all the expenses involved or only a part of it.

Dental Point of Service Insurance Plan

  • In this type of Individual Dental Insurance Plan, the choice of dentist depends on the client. This specific plan offers the insured client, a choice between a doctor prescribed by the company or a medical professional from outside the network of the insurance companies.
  • The patient has to specify his or her choice while signing up for the plan but it can be changed later if required. In most cases, patients pay more for using dentists who are not part of a network.

Managed Care Dental Plan:

  • In a managed care dental plan, a group of professional dentists are assigned to the client. The client is required to avail services from one of the doctors specified in that group only.

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