Independent Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters are the agents of an insurance company sent out to investigate and substantiate property claims of damage and loss. Once a damage claim is reported to an insurance company the company will assign a person to follow through with every step of processing the claim. The adjuster will evaluate the costs of property loss and damage and assess its value for settlement. The adjuster is an agent of the insurance company but does maintain contact throughout the claims process with the policy holder.

Independent Claims Adjusters

Independent insurance claims adjusters are adjuster who are employed by a firm or company that is not the insurance company that the policy holder is making a claim against for property loss or damage. The independent claims adjuster works on behalf of the consumer or policy holder. The independent insurance claim adjuster has the following duties to their clients:

  • Follow all steps of the claims process while working on behalf of the policy holder rather than the insurance company.
  • Investigate loss and damage claims in order to obtain a fair settlement for their client.
  • They work with the client and in conjunction with the insurance company where the claim is lodged.
  • The independent insurance claim adjuster becomes the middleman in the process of settlement either with the insurance company or attorneys involved to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Is There An Advantage To Using An Independent Claims Adjuster?

Studies done by insurance companies have shown that when using an independent insurance claims adjusters the settlements for the policy holders have increased in value and dollar amount The independent insurance claims adjuster will go over the insurance policies with their clients and explain exactly what their coverage is and how best to present documentation and evidence of loss or damage to property helping to ensure the best and fairest settlement for the policy holder and not in the bottom line interest of the insurance company.

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