How to Prepare to File an Insurance Claim

No matter the type of insurance you have, it is important for you to know how to prepare to file an insurance claim. This knowledge not only helps you in saving time but it will ensure the claim is processed in time.

Need for Preparation

Mostly, the time of filing an insurance claim would be after some kind of disaster or difficult situation. Trying to get everything right at that time would only be more difficult and confusing. This might lead to some errors in preparing the claim, which in turn might jeopardize its processing. Hence, it is essential that you are equipped with everything needed to file an insurance claim when needed.

Guidelines on How to Prepare to File an Insurance Claim

Policy Coverage

The first step in preparing to file a claim is understanding your policy. You need to know what all are covered, to take the proper action when something happens. This way you will not be making a claim for something you are not covered or will not let go off an opportunity to claim something you are covered for.


When it comes to insurance claims, the most important factor is the timing. Every provider expects you to file a claim soon after the incident. As soon as possible, you need to get in touch with your insurer to know what all documents they require: medical documents in case of health insurance cover, police case number for a theft, or incident report for a car accident.

Honest Details

It is important that you be honest and open in declaring the details when filing a claim. This not just eliminates additional paperwork or confusion, it also makes sure that the claim is not brought against you in the future.

Expenses Record

You must keep all the records: reports, receipts, etc., pertaining to the incident. These are the evidences to prove that you have spent the money and will justify your claim amount. Without proper records, you might not be reimbursed completely.

Original Documentation

You need to provide the original documents connected with the case. Also, you need to keep copies of those documents on record for your own reference and also to ensure you have a back-up if anything gets lost.


The final step before you file the claim is to review your claim, records and documentation thoroughly.

In addition to learning how to prepare to file an insurance claim, you also need to know how a claim is processed and how to collect a claim.

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