How to Claim Pet Insurance

When your pet is in an accident or ill, you can concentrate on getting the best treatment instead of worrying about money when you have a good pet insurance policy. Moreover, if you have clear understanding of how to claim pet insurance with the insurer, your worries are further reduced.

If you already have a pet insurance policy, go through the policy document thoroughly to understand what are all covered and how to claim pet insurance. The policy will list all the risks, treatments, sickness and incidents that are covered under the plan.

For any reason, do not delay your notification to the insurer. As soon as possible, call a claims person of the provider and give the details of the issue. The representative will require you to provide the details of the incident and the estimated costs it involves. If your pet is under treatment, you must provide the details and cost of the treatment. You can get the estimation for the situation from a medical practitioner. If you have receipt or invoice, you need to submit that.

Your insurer would want you to fill in their claims form and provide all the supporting documentation. Your policy number, address, details of the issue and treatment, and cost estimates or bills need to be provided.

You need to file the claim within 1 month (30 days) of the incident. If you have any outstanding bills for a treatment that is already done to your pet, you have to clear them off before receiving money from the insurer. For an ongoing treatment, the initial costs will be reimbursed and the recurring costs can be claimed. Please refer to your policy for itemized receipts and invoices, as this will help process the claim quickly.

 The amount of claim and the incidents that can be claimed depend on the policy plan. The decision of whether the claim has been approved or not will be intimated in a couple of days. The payment can take few weeks. The payment will be made to the insured in most cases. However, there are cases where the unsettled bills are paid directly to the clinic, hospital or vet.

If you follow all the steps in this guide on how to claim pet insurance, you can file the claim and be reimbursed without any issues. If you have any dissatisfaction with the reimbursement, you need to contact the insurer’s claims department. If it is not resolved properly, you can reach out to an insurance ombudsman.

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