How to Claim Boat Insurance

The time or the reason to file a boat insurance claim is neither good nor easy. However, you can lessen the burden if you are fully equipped with the understanding of the claims process. This will make it easy and quick, no matter the circumstances. Find below a detailed account on how to claim boat insurance.

The first step in claiming boat insurance is to read and understand your policy to know what is covered and what is not covered. This is crucial, as you would not have to waste time going through the entire process, only to know at the end that the particular issue is not covered.

Even though the claim procedure is a common process, your provider might have some specific requirements. Your policy will describe how to claim boat insurance with your provider. Read that and follow all the instructions. You must know all these (above-mentioned) details well in advance, not after the incident. You have to report the incident as soon as possible, so you cannot waste time in knowing the requirements then.

If the incident involves another party, get all the details such as addresses, names and insurance information from them. If possible, try to draw a detailed sketch of the whole incident and take sufficient pictures as evidence. If there are any witnesses, try gathering statements and information from them. You must not claim any liability on that spot. Your insurance company will take care of that.

If your boat is found to have any repairs that are claimable, notify your insurer right away. Do not wait to do that after repairing the boat. Before repairs, the company can get the evidence for the claim. Get estimates (at least three) and detailed report for the repairs and present it to the insurer.

Call your insurer’s claims representative and report the claim. You need to give a detailed account of the how, where and when the incident happened. Your policy registration number, boat registration number, driver’s details, other boat’s details (if any) and the Police Incident Report Number (if any) need to be provided. The claims personnel might come to the incident scene, take pictures, gather evidence, get statements and help you with filling the claims form.

Hope you got a good understanding of how to claim boat insurance. Once the claims forms are filled and filed and all the evidences check out, the company will process the claim. It might take few weeks to few months. You will receive a payment check.

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