How To Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster

Is Licensing Required?

Licensing is not required by all states but will make it easier to get a job as an adjuster. If a prospective claims adjuster does not need a license in the state of their residence or state in which they plan to work look for a licensing school in a neighboring state as a non resident. Although a license may not be required it is appreciated.

What Are The Advantages To Being Licensed?

Having a license will let clients know that the adjuster does have a thorough understanding of the claims process. It also provides:

  • Professional credibility.
  • Shows there is knowledge of the insurance industry and claims process.
  • Allows the adjuster to work with reciprocity in many states, especially if licensed in Indiana, Texas or Florida.

Are There Schools For Insurance Adjusters Licenses?

There are no schools per say for claims adjusters. There are courses and tests to achieve licensing. Many states will require that the prospective adjuster take a state exam covering the important aspects of claims adjustment.

There are course study materials available to prepare for state exams. Some states require taking both the educational course and the state exam while others will issue a license or certificate upon succes full completion of the course.

How Long Does the Licensing Process Take?

While traditional schooling can take years and cost untold amounts, Claims Adjusting licensing does not take that long. Most people can complete the course material in a matter of days. Each state is different and course costs and materials may not be the same in every state. Research the certification process and licensing requirements before embarking on this course of study.

After Licensing

Once a license or certificate has been issued begin to look for work by submitting resumes to Adjusting Firms. The firms applied to do not have to be located in the state of residence. A licensed adjuster can work nearly anywhere. Contact insurance agents in the area and network as much as possible to build a client base.

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