How Does Riluzole Affect Dental Care?

Riluzole is a drug prescribed to alleviate the symptoms and progress of a disease known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehring’s disease. This medication is available in pill form and has to be taken twice a day by the patients. Some people may have serious side effects or allergies – depending on how they react, people may have to stop taking the medication. It may impair motor function as well – so patients are advised to exercise caution while on the medication.

Patients on riluzole will have to get regular blood tests to ensure that liver function is not affected. This medication works on reducing glutamate levels in the body – the amino acid which helps nerves send and receive messages to the muscles, from the brain. Hence it is very important for a dentist to be aware of the fact that a patient is on this medication to avoid problems during any dental procedures.

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