How Does Dental Care Relate To Science

Dentists have a very big impact on the overall health of people. Their work is to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and conditions of the mouth. The field of dentistry is very important for maintaining general health. Dentists go through a 4 year program and can specialize in different fields depending on their interest.

The very nature of dental care requires that dentists know a lot about chemistry. Dentists have to know how different chemicals react and relate to the oral cavity. They have to also know how drugs will act and whether a certain drug will interact with a medication a patient is taking. It also helps them to figure out how enamel will react to compounds used to make components such as crowns, fillings and veneers. Dentists have to study medicine as it relates to diseases/disorders of the mouth and the human head. Biology and chemistry are prerequisites to becoming a dentist.

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