How Do You Care For A Temporary Dental Plate

Most of us know the basics of dental care when it comes to taking care of our natural teeth. However, with a dental plate or dentures, the rules of dental care for natural teeth do not apply. Most people have a combination of natural teeth and dentures. You need to remove your denture and follow the basic dental care procedure like flossing and brushing. You can use a mouthwash with your dental plate still on, but do not use toothpaste on your dental plate. Instead, you must dip it in warm water and use some mild cleaning solution to remove food debris. Denture cleaning liquids are also available in the market of the basic dental care of your dental plate.

It is not required to wear your dental plate at night. You can remove it and keep it safely in a dental care box made especially for dental plates. If your temporary dental plate moves slightly in your mouth, you may want to use denture fixture cream for their safety.

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