How Can Dental Informatics Improve Dental Care

The Dental Informatics field is only 2 decades old and shows great potential to improve research, education and patient care in the field of dentistry. Issues such as electronic records on oral health, teledentistry, epidemiological and genetic studies, development of devices to record patient information during treatment are just a few that are receiving serious attention.

  • Dental informatics helps specialists to use computers and the latest technology to make dental practices better. Dental informatics includes:
  • Creating theoretical models to test new approaches
  • Design computer programs to get easier access to patient information
  • Implementing new systems so that dental offices become more streamlined
  • Evaluate systems to see if they are working right by reducing costs, improving efficiency and patient outcome

Most experts in this field usually work at universities, government agencies or even research organizations. They work as part of a team on long term projects and collaborate with people from other disciplines, as well as students and technicians.

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