Homeowners Insurance Requirements in US

Are there any specific homeowners’ insurance requirements in the US that you must comply with when purchasing a policy? Fundamental rules like mentioned below -

  1. Never lying when filling application form and
  2. Maintaining records in detail

These are applicable to home insurance. There are specific homeowners’ insurance requirements in the US that one must consider to avoid problems when filing a claim.

The most obvious homeowners insurance requirements in US is to own your home. What Home Owners Insurance Covers -

  1. The structure
  2. Possessions in the house
  3. Damage caused to third parties
  4. Loss of use
  5. Medical expenses

If you do not own a house, you cannot opt for homeowners insurance. It is not compulsory to own your house outright. You can go in for this form of insurance if you have borrowed money to buy your house. Bulk of compensation will go to the lender if a significant amount of debt is pending on your house. The compensation will come to you once you repay the loan in full.

You will have to consider and comply with certain homeowners insurance requirements in US even after you have purchased the policy and paid the premium on time. These requirements include

Proper Maintenance of The Structure

The insurance company will not pay if it successfully proves that the owner did not maintain the property properly. Maintenance includes minor cosmetic activities like regular painting to major activities like assessment of seepage into the concrete beams and pillars after a particular wet season. An overgrown lawn may not affect maintenance and may not consider as a part of homeowners insurance requirements in US. However, dried lawn grass that increases risk of fire may lead to loss of protection if not cared for in time.

Attempts to Minimize Losses

Would you leave your house when it is on fire and not even bother to put out the fire? Would you do it just because you know you can get a huge amount as compensation? No sane person would think like this. An important requirement amongst the many homeowners’ insurance requirements in US is that the homeowner must try to reduce losses even after the accident takes place. Steps like

  1. Dialing 911
  2. Using a fire extinguisher
  3. Implementing a fire response drill
  4. Having circuit breakers in all rooms

These above steps can help reduce losses in event of fire. A simple alarm can help scare the thief away. Avoiding steps to keep damage to minimum may affect payout on account of non compliance with homeowners’ insurance requirements in US.

Prompt Payment of Deductible Amount

The deductible amount is unavoidable. The insurance company offers complete freedom to the insured when fixing the amount. Minimum deductible is always fixed as a nominal amount. If the individual opts for a higher deductible, he or she will have to pay the same before the claim payout will take place. This is an important condition and is not avoidable.

Complying with above mentioned homeowners’ insurance requirements in US should provide sufficient protection to not just renovate the house but also get alternative accommodation.