Homeowners Insurance Coverage in US

You may opt for the legal minimum when obtaining auto insurance. However, you cannot adopt the same approach when determining homeowners insurance coverage in US. Under insurance offers some short term benefits and causes long term losses. Know more about

  1. risks of, and
  2. ways to prevent

under anticipating homeowners insurance coverage in US.

Too Little In Hand for Rebuilding

If you underestimate your homeowner’s insurance coverage in US, you will have very little cash left in hand when rebuilding your home from scratch. The last thing you want to hear when your family is on the streets after a home accident is that your insurance can provide less than half the money required to rebuild your home.

How to Avoid This?


  1. Various risks that your home faces
  2. Special risks in your area – earthquake, floods etc
  3. Cost of fully rebuilding your home
  4. Cost of basic rebuilding to have a roof on your head
  5. Cost of material, labor, special issues
  6. A specific figure indicating cost of rebuilding per square foot

Underinsurance Is a National Phenomenon

Each and every home in America is underinsured to an extent of 18% of its value. Americans will have to pay one-fifth of cost of rebuilding out of their own pocket despite obtaining homeowners insurance coverage in US. Some special parameters to consider include

  1. Inflation
  2. Latest modifications and renovations made
  3. New possessions and stuff purchased
  4. Cost of arranging alternatives in event of loss of use of home
  5. Depreciation

Inflation means value of your savings come down without any fault in your planning. Having $500,000 may be more than enough to rebuild your house from scratch today. This may not be the case five years from today. It is important to avoid a formulaic approach. Rather, you should assess impact of inflation every time you renew your homeowners insurance coverage in US.

Extensive use of materials that increase fire risk without providing for fire safety may render your existing premium of very little use. The insurance company may refuse to fund the repair of your house or you may end up with a pittance leaving you in a difficult position to arrange the remaining amount.

Content insurance is restricted to around 50% of the total dwelling coverage. Purchasing assets worth thousands of dollars in a year will see your homeowners insurance coverage in US become useless when you file a claim. What is the point of having a home if you do not have any money to buy your personal belongings again? Do consider impact of depreciation when choosing actual cash value for homeowners insurance coverage in US. Cost less depreciation may leave you with very little cash in hand to buy new stuff.

As your family's lifestyle improves, their expectations from alternative accommodation will also rise. You cannot live in a cheap and dirty lodge when your house is being rebuilt, right?

Be careful and avoid ending with less protection that what you really need.