Home Insurance in US

Ever thought about insuring your house? This is a safe measure to be taken if you really love your home and your property. The Home owners Insurance (HOI) or the hazard insurance as the home insurance in USA is otherwise called leaves you tension free regarding any natural or manmade mishap. In any such occurrence you can get the insurance company paying the premium amount along with certain specific damage or loss coverage.

Why is it good to have your home insured?

Well, first of all it offers you a peace of mind along with other benefits so that you can go to bed comfortably even if any disaster gets to your home door. These policies can help you get through your life without numbers and dollars running through your mind all the time calculating what is going to be the expense in case of any unforeseen disaster happens at your home. It also helps you when you are buying home against a mortgage loan as most people are doing now. And don’t forget the real reason behind insuring the property; the insurance is to ensure protection against theft, damage or accidents at your property premises. These insurances provide double benefit; it protects your home and also offers liability coverage at the same time and that too with a single premium mode which covers every disaster related to your house.

What does home insurance plan offer

The Home Insurance Plans in USA protects the policy holders in three different ways depending on the policy you select for your home. Different policies ensure your home to be protected and make you tension free in different ways.

1. The structures on the property are protected ensuring that proper funding is provided in any case of damage. It may also provide the money to rent a hotel or room during the repairing process if in any case the house becomes unfit to live.

2. The insurance policy may insure the personal property at your home and will pay the amount in case of damage or loss of these valuable items.

3. The insurance policy also covers the injury to anyone inside the insured property, and all the claims against you for any mishaps inside your property.

Types of Home Insurance Policies

Seven standard home insurance plans are offered in USA by the standardization carried out by Insurance Service Office (ISO) a private insurance firm at New Jersey. These includes the

  • HO 1 or the basic Form Home Owner Policy
  • HO 2 or the Broad Form Home Owners Policy
  • HO 3 or the Special Form Home Owners Policy
  • HO 4 or the tenants' or Renter's Coverage
  • HO 5 or the Premier Home Owners Policy
  • HO 6 Condominium Policy and
  • HO 8 Older Home Insurance Policyz

Home Insurance companies in the United States of America

United States does not have any centralized body to take care of the insurance companies inside the nation and it is the states which controls the companies under it. The best home owners insurance policy in your place can be chosen by comparing the rates and the benefits of given by each insurance providers. Professional guidance is also available to choose the plan which might be best suited for each individual house. The companies also put up their insurance quotes on the internet so that the people can make their choice sitting at home and can choose the plan for them among the lot.

What to see while going for a home insurance

Always make sure that you are choosing the best plan for your house with no hidden cost.

First of all get to the internet and choose a few policy which you feel is best suited for you in terms of premium and the coverage offered, you can then ask some of your friends and colleges who have opted for any of these policies to be more sure and to choose the best among it as the policy holders can give you a clear idea of the policy rather than the insurer.

Choosing a policy which promises entire replacement or repair is much better than choosing the one that pays only a percentage of your expense but think wisely if the premium you will be paying is apt for the insurance( full coverage calls for a higher premium than partial coverage)

Make note of what are the natural calamities and manmade losses covered by the policy you are going to have. Remember home policy does not insure your house in case of earthquakes and floods and similarly jewelry is also not covered under the valuables insured.

There are a number of insurance companies in every place, each offering a few home plans, it is always advisable to get a policy from a reputed company which has considerable number of service years in the market and the high statistics of claims resolved in the past.

Most of all make sure you are insuring your house and property based on its present market value so that you can also get the correct insurance coverage in cases of mishaps.

Think into future while you choose the policy, present benefits and low premium should not be the sole reason for choosing a home policy.