Health Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Advancements in cancer treatments have made health insurance for cancer survivors feasible and affordable. Detected at the right time, most cancers are treatable during their initial stages, and this has led to the price adjustment of many policies by the insurers.

Traditional Policies

Cancer survivors can qualify for traditional coverage depending on their health condition and if they satisfy certain conditions. Most new policies will have a short exclusion period for pre-existing conditions.

To be not excluded for pre-existing conditions, it is better for a cancer survivor to continue with his or her existing plan (if any) even at a higher cost after diagnosis. Everyone has the right to renew a policy, provided one has not committed fraud or defaulted on one’s policy.

The best option for a cancer survivor is to go with his or her employer’s group plan if any, as such plans usually do not have the exclusion period.

Non-Medical Health Insurance for Cancer Survivors

There are these non-medical policies, which cover an individual without the requirement of a medical examination. They just need the applicant to answer their medical questions honestly. Such health insurance for cancer survivors come at a higher cost, but make it easier for them to cover their healthcare bills at the right time.

Government Aid

Government helps low-income families by providing health insurance for cancer survivors through programs like Medicaid, High-Risk pool, Children’s Health Insurance Program, etc. There are different programs in different states.

How to Pick a Policy

While choosing the health insurance for cancer survivors the following elements need special attention.

  • The policy must offer coverage for all the basic needs: labs, doctor care, hospital care, prescription drugs and medical equipment. One needs to check if all the services for the particular cancer treatment are covered.
  • It would be better if the doctors whom the patients are currently seeing are covered in the plan. As the original physician knows all about the condition and treatments, it is better he or she is in the loop.
  • All the procedures to be followed to see a specialist must be thoroughly reviewed.
  • The premium, annual deductible, co-payment, balance billing, caps, and lifetime maximum must be reviewed to see if they suit one’s budget and needs.

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