Group Travel Insurance

Travelling is a recreation that takes the life out of the routine life style. Travelling enables us to know new areas, different life styles and many others. Most of the times, people prefer travelling in a group to travelling individually. Going in group, with nears and dears, is a great experience that reminds as a sweet memory of the life.

Other than the enjoyment, there is also the possibility of certain situations during travelling that may disturb not only the enjoyment but may leave the one helpless. One must be careful regarding the unpredictable unfortunate things like missing the boarding, losing the baggage or sudden requirement of medication during the journey. One can’t be much prepared financially every time for such kind of loss and needs an assurance for safe and happy journey. Group Travel Insurance is one of the preventive actions that assure one to get recover from such things.

What is Group Travel Insurance?

Just like other travel insurance plans for individuals, Group Travel Insurance also allows taking the benefits of travel insurance but for the whole group together. The group travel insurance covers most of the unforeseen misfortunes like loss of baggage, cancellation of trips or delay; medical and health related emergency expenses etc. The policy members need not be the members of same family.

The reasons may be several like all the relatives may plan to attend the marriage and travel together or few of the families may plan a group tour or few of the senior citizens may plan the visit to the holy places or few students may wish to go for an educational tour. The group travel insurance guarantees the insurers a peaceful journey.


There are no different kinds of plans offered as the main motto of the insurance is same. This type of insurance is offered by several insurance policy companies that vary in covering issues. The plans basically vary due to the purpose it is planned for. The following are few of the types of the plans available:

Group Travel Insurance Plan

This plan is very suitable for students and senior citizens who plan trips in groups like excretion or visit to holy places. Large groups that contain twenty or more travelers can opt for the plan which covers most of the travel and medical insurance requirements. Trip cancellation, interruption or delay, loss of baggage, urgent medical treatment requirement and evacuation are the major aspects that the plan covers.

Few other companies also cover personal accident, loss of cash, passport loss, replacement and rearrangement of staff, financial emergency assistance and accidental death insurance.

Other than the policy offered for a group of people for a trip, there are few other plans that are offered for individuals that cover policy for multiple trips during the period. These plans are grouped under the name of "Group travel policies" by few of the companies. These plans cover majorly the health care aspects. Some of them are:

For Annual Multi-trips

This kind of plans are usually opted by the corporate companies which send the employs to abroad frequently. As per the plan, the member takes the insurance only once and the insurance is applied for multiple travels, till the mentioned date.

For Group Travel

This plan is for the person who travels abroad frequently. This gives freedom from taking the individual policy at the time of journey, every time. This could save around 40% of the cost.

Group Travel Insurance Benefits

There are several benefits to mention. Few of them are

  • The group travel insurance is economical comparing to the individual travel insurance
  • Being a group insurance that covers more number of people at a time, it allows taking the advantage of higher amount of baggage that could be allowed in individual travel insurance
  • As most of the health, accidental and travel insurance requirements are fulfilled under an umbrella plan, one can be tensionless and enjoy the journey
  • Help lines allows one to register the claim immediately and the assistance is assured as early as possible
  • In case of the delay of checked in baggage, the purchases of medicines, toiletries and purchase of mandatory requirements like clothing would be covered

Group Travel Insurance Disadvantages

  • The higher age of the group members may increase the price
  • People from different areas may not be covered by few of the companies
  • If the insurer is unsuccessful to call the helpline or to inform the assisting centers of the insurance companies immediately and couldn’t claim as soon as the loss taken place, the claim would be invalid
  • One cannot be totally dependent on the insurance as it covers only certain extent of amount which may not meet the actual requirement
  • Only the insured person or persons are allowed to claim except in case of death of the insured. The nominee is subjected to claim
  • Partial loss of the declared items would not be considered or the damage due to checked-in baggage

Things to Consider While Choosing Group Travel Insurance

  • As most of the insurance policies are on-line or possess easier process to take the plan, there are high possibilities of skipping the conditions and rules. This may lead to the future complications. Thus, the conditions must be well read before taking the policy
  • Compare the quotes and covering issues of different companies and choose the best that suits

Precautionary Steps For Insurer

  • Information like the insurance companies’ help lines and mail ID must be with the insurer all over the journey so that, one can claim immediately as soon as the unforeseen incident occurs that could be claimed
  • The insurer must maintain the records and pertinent particulars in case of claiming.
  • Try to be cautious to avoid unfortunate things as money is the only thing that can be reimbursed
  • Try to claim as early as possible to avoid invalidity
  • Try to inform to all other required authorities that are to be informed like police or relevant common carrier while claiming
  • Be attentive and far from the influence of drugs as the insurance doesn’t cover the damage, accidents and unfortunate incidents that took place under the influence of drugs
  • Some of the accidents during the recreation games like scuba diving and jet skiing may not be included in the terms of policy. Thus, one must have good knowledge on the covering areas before claiming