Group Dental Insurance in US

  • Dental insurance can be defined as an insurance that covers a share of the costs associated with dental care. This covers a proportion of the dental charges that one incurs at a dentist for various procedures.
  • Dental insurance plans are imperative for individuals and families and it is fiscally helpful to have some form of dental coverage to diminish the costs of dental care.
  • Family dental plans are created for couples and their family so as to cover the family under the Family Dental Insurance Plan.
  • Many corporations and employers in USA offer dental benefit packages for their employees. Family Dental Insurance Plan and Employer Dental Insurance Plans come under Group Dental Insurance in USA.


  • Family dental plans are available for couples after they pay a reasonable annual fee. The family is then covered under the family dental insurance plan which is less expensive than individual dental insurance. The family dental plan enables a family to save more money if more members are insured under the same plan.
  • ‘Family Managed Care’ dental insurance is a policy where the insurers are expected to pay less than $100 a year to avail of the insurance services. This plan has gained prominence due to the relative hassle free claims procedure.
  • ‘Family Indemnity’ dental insurance is another policy which one can opt for. Here, the family can choose the dentist of their choice but they have to pay some amount after getting the treatment done. Family discount dental plans help reduce dental costs by getting discounts on most of the dental services.
  • Several employers offer insurance companies higher premiums. Thus they are able to get the finest dental benefits and plans. Employees pay a portion of the premium while the rest is paid by the employer. This works out well for the employers and the insurance companies.  
  • Many Companies in USA offer group dental insurance to their employees and these insurance plans cover the dental expenses of the employees as well as the dental expenses of their immediate family members.

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