Florida Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance is a tool with the help of which one can utilize the benefits like free dental consultation, treatment and cover on the part or full payment of bills. Different type of plans are available in Florida for individual, family or group levels to benefit the customer. Now-a-days claim process and settlement have also become very smooth and hassle free. These plans have made our life easy.

List of various dental plans present in Florida to serve the clients are as under:

  • Fee for Service Plan
  • Managed Care Plans
  • DHMO (Dental Health maintenance Organization)
  • Indemnity Plans
  • PPO(Preferred Provider Organization)
  • Discount Dental Plan
  • Vision Plans
  • Dental Plans for Kids

How Does Florida Dental Insurance Work

In a general scenario Florida Dental Insurance Plans can work in two ways. In the first case patient choose to pay upfront to the dentists and they receive a claim afterwards. Here presentation, documentation and reimbursement take some time. On the other hand one can choose for the cashless or copayment option where patient has very little or nothing to pay. By paying advance premiums he can avail all the benefits.

Now let us understand various plans individually.

1. Fee For Service Plan: In such plans out of the pocket expenses are high because the insurance provider pays the bill after receiving and reviewing them. Here the patients need to keep all the bills and supportive document safe to present at the time of reimbursement. People prefer this plan when they do not want to pay in advance without using the service. It offers a wide range of dentists, hospitals and medical consultants to select from.

2. Managed Care Plan:In managed care plans the service provider has fixed dentists and consultants on the board who can be contacted in the case of medical needs related to dental problems. Patient can use the services and medication without paying any amount or by part payment depending on the policy terms and conditions. Before purchasing the insurance plan the customer must understand the clause of hospitalization, severe cases, surgeories and fee schedules.

3. DHMO (Dental Health maintenance Organization):It is very structured and organized dental insurance plan where a pool of highly qualified dentists and consultants offer all the round care on nominal affordable charges. Dentists are paid a fixed fees and patient are liable to do payments in monthly or quarterly mode. Here the user can go for copayment also but one should be careful while going for it .He must precheck about the waiting time for appointments, facilities and specialists participating.

4. Indemnity Plans: In these plans the patient has the freedom to go to many dentists for treatment and paying for the services. Dentist issues a bill and the insurer reviews it and does the payment to the customer

5. PPO(Preferred Provider Organization):This dental insurance plan controls the out of pocket expenditures by its inside strong network of dentists and clinics .In this case customers get an advance estimate of the total cost involved from the dentist. It has a year maximum limit and deductible are also applicable.

6. Discount Dental Plan:These are the dental plans which offer a lower cost for the dental care. Customers can pay monthly, half yearly or annually for number of dental problems and causalities and actual payment is done by the discount payment schedule given by the dentists participating in the network.

7. Dental and Vision Plans:In such kind of dental insurance plans there is an additional feature about vision care and cover is embedded. One has a list of dental and eye care specialist and hospitals from which treatment can be accessed. Such riders can be very useful for some patients of multiple diseases.

8. Dental Plans for Kids:There are some specifically designed dental insurance for kids were parents can enroll them for various treatments like cleanings, X-ray, space maintenance, filling cavity treatments, extraction, root canal therapy and many more. Here one can take care of the children without spending so much money with the dental insurance plans.

Below are some of Dental Insurance Policies and Providers in Florida

Aetna Dental

  • True Advantage

Argus Dental

  • Smile Card Plan
  • Master Plan

Careington International

  • Plan 500
  • Plan 500 Multi Care
  • Plan 500 Total Care

Delta Dental Insurance Co.

  • Dental for Everyone
  • Dental for Everyone Gold
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO/Vision
  • Dental for Everyone PPO

Dental Health Services

  1. Smartsmile CA
  2. Smartsmile WA
  3. Super Smartsmile CA
  4. Super Smartsmile WA


  • Southeast


  • Preventive Plus PPO

Nationwide Life Insurance Co.

  • Classic 1500
  • Classic 2000
  • Classic Select 2000
  • PPO Advantage

Safeguard Dental

  • Classic Choice
  • Premiere Choice

Security Life Insurance Company

  • Option 40
  • Option 42
  • Option 45

Stonebridge (Encore Dental)

  • Plan A
  • Plan B

Symetra Life Insurance Company

  • Preferred 42
  • Preferred 45

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