Dog Insurance in USA

All dog owners know that dogs are truly their best friend and taking a decision on an expensive veterinary care when your loyal companion is ill or injured is always a natural choice.

Hence if you are a dog owner, dog insurance instantly becomes a must buy. On an average, a dog owner takes his/her dog to the veterinary clinic twice or thrice a year and it costs approximately two hundred dollars for a routine check-up. While dog insurances also cover routine checks, it is in case of major illnesses and injuries when your dog insurance really plays an important role by guaranteeing the best care for your dog and peace of mind for you as the vet cost shoots up manifolds. 

Dog insurance in USA is mainly of following types:

  • Dog life insurance: Covers mainly expenses fatal illness or events.
  • Dog health insurance: Covers routine health care bills for a stipulated period.
  • Dog bite insurance: Covers financial liability in case of a dog bite.
  • Dog accident insurance: Covers medical expenses in case of accidental injuries or fractures.
  • Comprehensive dog insurance: A combined insurance package of all the above types of insurance.

Basic tips for choosing the best dog insurance policy for your pet companion:

  • Do your research: Different companies offer different types of dog insurance; so, do your research on what they offer and in to what extent, as well as at what cost.
  • Experience Counts: Trust insurance companies with experience as new companies might have attracting offers but also might lack the infrastructure to provide after sales service.
  • Take a prudent decision: A low cost policy might not always be better. Look at your pet’s requirements and based on that take a balanced decision.
  • Check the fine print: Look for key points like deductibles, co-payments or excess associated with the dog insurance policy as well as the policy exclusions. It is also important to know what the policy will exclude, for example, most dog insurance policies tend to exclude pre-existing or hereditary health conditions or expensive diagnostics or treatment, like CAT scan, heartworm tests or dental care.

After all, a dog is more than a pet as it is practically a part of the family and dog insurance is the only way a dog owner can ensure the best possible care in the best possible manner, especially when it needs the care the most.

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