Do Dental Colleges Offer Dental Care

When an economy is facing tough challenges, the first service to get cut from a budget is dental care. For those who are unemployed and don’t have insurance, the best place to get state of the art care at a fraction of the price to go to a dental college. These colleges have the best equipment, great faculty and a lot of aspiring dentists. The patient pool ranges from young children to even geriatric patients.

Dentist offices may see a drop in traffic but not so at the colleges. Patients are more likely to go there as they like the care and service that they get – not to mention good prices. Professors are on hand to make sure that the patients get the best care from the students. Doctors will check all the work to make sure it is done right. Many people are not aware of this aspect – if an insurance plan allows patients to go to any dentist, then one could consider going to a dental college for treatment.

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