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If a person is unable to earn money due to some illness or injury, disability insurance pays the person the amount of money that they would have earned if they had been healthy and fit. There are different types of disability insurance which depends on several factors such as type of occupation, general health of the insured, type of disability and so on.

More about Disability Insurance

Although disability is all about being compensated while unable to discharge one’s duties at work due to some form of disability, all companies do not offer disability insurance coverage. However, it is possible to have personal disability insurance where premiums are paid by the individuals themselves. There are different types of disability insurance depending on the level of coverage such as high-limit disability insurance which pays up to 65% of a person’s income. Other types include Key Person Disability Insurance and Business Overhead Disability Insurance.

Medical Questions

Usually a set of questions will be asked to prove the extent of disability which makes a person eligible for disability insurance. This is especially true for cases where the government provides disability income.

Top Disability Insurance Companies

Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company 800-862-7155 A
Unum Life Insurance Company of America 205-575-2211 A
Prudential Insurance Company of America 212-778-4508 A +
Life Insurance Company of North America 800-772-6304 A
American Family Life Assurance Co of Columbus 800-992-3522 A +
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company 414-271-1444 A ++
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company 800-798-7000 A -
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company 800-531-3232 A
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company 800-238-6252 A +
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co 423-294-1011 A -
Standard Insurance Company 971-321-7000 A
Union Security Ins Co 800-214-2333 A -
New York Life Insurance Company 212-576-7000 A ++
Paul Revere Life Insurance Company 423-294-1011 A -
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 212-598-8000 A ++
Kanawha Insurance Company 803-283-5300 B ++
United States Branch of the Sun Life Assu. Co. of Can. 800-752-7217 A +
Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America 413-499-4321 A ++
Principal Life Insurance Company 515-247-5111 A +

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