Dental Insurance for Senior Citizens in US

Problems faced by Senior Citizens

  • Senior citizens in the USA are affected the most in case of fluctuations in dental insurance prices etc
  • Dental treatment of any kind can prove to be a costly affair. With age, treatments like root canals, clean ups, fillings, crowning, etc become routine. Most of the times, senior citizens also have to undergo surgical teeth extractions. The cost for this usually goes up to $300 per tooth. A new set of teeth (dentures) on the other hand costs a whooping $3000-4000.
  • Dental Insurance options for senior citizens in USA, are unfortunately are very limited. Also dental insurance is very highly priced. Insurance companies make the task tougher by charging high premiums.

Solutions to the Problems

  • A discount plan is the best solution for senior citizens in USA. These plans could offer discounts to the tone of 10% to 60% on the total cost of the treatment. Thus, senior citizens would save a considerable amount of money.
  • This plan does not clash with any sort of Medicare or Medicaid plans. Under these circumstances, a discount plan offers all the benefits of Insurance to the client with minimal hassles.
  • Uniformed Retired Officers can avail special offers with dental insurance. Some insurance companies charge a subsidized fee/premium and offer an array of benefits for such retired officers.
  • In special cases, the insurance offered by the Government is carried forward even after retirement. Companies like Mutual of Omaha are taking a brave step forward in dental insurance by accepting clients of 65 years old and above as well. 

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