Compare Pet Insurance Plans

Why to Compare?

The pet insurance coverage offered by different providers varies greatly among the providers and polices they provide. The cost of coverage also varies with the providers, policies, coverage options, location, type of pet and its personal details (age, pedigree or not, health condition, etc.). All these make it essential for you to compare pet insurance plans, research the various options and consider your best interests before buying a policy for covering your pet.

How to Compare

You can go through each provider’s website or product catalog to understand what the provider offers at what cost. In addition to that, you need to get personalized quotes from the providers, as the premium and coverage is customized to the needs of a pet and its owner. While you can check with each provider, it is tedious and difficult to compare pet insurance plans this way. You have to note down all the details and then compare each detail. As an alternative, there are many aggregate websites where you can type in the basic details once and get quotes from different providers in one place. Here, you can compare pet insurance plans side by side and take an informed decision.

What to Compare

Now that you know where you can go to compare pet insurance plans, you need to know what you need to compare. The following are the details that you need to know and compare among the policies.

  • What elements are covered and not covered?
  • What are the payout limits on pet care?
  • What are the deductible options?
  • What are the co-insurance options?
  • Which care-providers are covered? Can you take your pet to a hospital, clinic or veterinarian of your choice?
  • Will the treatment of the pet be reimbursed for the actual costs or by the predetermined payout schedule?
  • Are there breed-specific limitations or exclusions?
  • Will the rates be hiked if too many claims are made or if a claim is made over a set limit of money?
  • What are the underwriting rules concerning pre-determined conditions?
  • What are the waiting periods?

Your pets and their needs are different. Therefore, research and compare pet insurance plans to get the best cover that meets all the requirements of your special pet. The policy must suit your pet’s breed, age, health conditions and lifestyle. This will ensure you to get the best policy at the best rates available in the market, suiting your needs.

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