Claims Adjuster Licensing Requirements

Licensing Varies By State

Indiana, Texas and Florida are among the states that have the highest requirements for licensing as a claims adjuster. These are also the states that have the highest levels of reciprocity among other states. Some states do not require licensing to be a claims adjuster but it is recommended that a license be obtained for greater a chance of employment.

Similarities Among The State Requirements For Licensing

Many states that require licensing for claims adjusters do have similar guidelines and requirements.

  • A claims adjuster must be at least eighteen years of age.
  • Appropriate fees for courses must be paid and fees for licensing as well.
  • Complete courses as set by state statutes and guidelines.
  • Take and pass the state approved exam.
  • After passing the state exam follow through with license application process and registration.

Most states do require that the person taking courses and applying for licensure meet the expectation of a good reputation and trustworthy behaviors. Licensing can be denied to felons based on past offenses and the nature thereof.

If There Are No License Requirements

In states where there are no requirements of licensing for insurance claims adjusters it is recommended that the prospective claims adjuster choose courses from anther states and obtain a license. Policy holders may feel better about working with the insurance company and the claims adjustor only when a license is held.

Although a state may not require it to operate as a claims adjuster, having a license will increase employment opportunities. Take courses from neighboring states or a state that has the highest level of requirements for licensing such as Indiana, Texas and Florida.

Subsequent Licensing and Continuing education

Many states not only require a license to operate as a claims adjuster but also require adjusters to continue their educations in the field and re-new their licenses. This is not only to protect insurance companies and policy holders but the claims adjuster as well. Refreshing knowledge helps the claims adjuster to keep up with increased costs of goods and dollars amounts of damage as well as new processes of repair and providers of repair.

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