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Employment For Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters can find employment in several different areas of claims adjusting. There are many specific types of claims and the adjuster can focus on any of them. There are public claims adjusters and independent claims adjusters, who work on behalf of the policy holder, adjusters who work on the behalf of an insurance company. There are claims adjusters for:

  • Auto collisions or comprehensive damages covered by a policy, including but not limited to natural disasters.
  • In the field claims adjusters that can handle a number of property claims at the location of damage.
  • Casualty Claims adjusters, focusing on medical matters and risks of loss of life.
  • Workers Compensation Claims, to evaluate loss of work time costs and medical coverage.
  • Liability Claims adjusters who investigate personal injury claims.

Some claims adjusters find that specializing in a few of the specific fields can help to build reputation as being competent and effective in their position. Taking extra courses during the licensing process or when continuing education will help establish the claims adjusters as an expert in the specific type of claim.

Where To Look For Opportunities

Upon receiving the necessary license to operate as a claims adjuster send numerous resume`s to local area insurance companies. Even the small town independent insurance branches use claims adjusters. Sending resume`s will help to get started and established.

Look for opportunities through employment agencies. Many listings for claims adjusters can be found online with a simple search. Look for on the job training positions. Some larger insurance companies will offer training with another claims adjuster for a period of time in which a license is obtained and a job is secured.

As a licensed claims adjuster being accessible following natural disasters can create new and lasting contacts and reliable sources of work. Working as a public or independent claims adjuster have more employment opportunities.

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