Tips to Choose An Insurance Claims Adjuster

How to Choose An Adjuster

As the policy holder takes an active role in choosing the adjuster used for the claim. Many insurance companies will assign the adjuster when the claim is made to the insurance agent. If the policy holder is not satisfied with the adjuster of choice they may look for another adjuster for their claim.

There are options that include using an independent claims adjuster. If choosing and independent adjuster look for these factors :

  • Knowledgeable of the type of property in question for the claim.
  • Look for a company that works a full work week. They will be there to answer questions even on a Friday afternoon.
  • Ask about including last minute claims. Those are the things that arise over the course of repair or replacement and require further claims.
  • Inquire about RUSH claims. Those claims in which immediate attention is required to prevent further loss or damage to property.

Can The Adjustor Make the Process Easier?

Many times when dealing with property loss, be it the home or the car, events of this nature are inconvenient. The right claims adjuster can make this process much easier. When looking for the right adjusters ask them if they use computer programs to calculate the dollar amounts of the claims.

A claims adjuster performs this type of work every day and can provide a list of steps that can ease the anxiety created by the claims process. Maintain regular contact with the claims adjuster and take care of any tasks that the adjuster asks of the policy holder to keep things moving smoothly.

Use a Certified or Licensed Adjuster

When deciding upon the right adjuster be sure that the person is licensed or certified to work in the state in which the claim will be filed. Adjusters do have to meet certain guidelines and regulations in order to work in this field. Ask for their credentials before contracting with them to complete the claims process. Unfortunately, following especially natural disasters, many adjusters and contractors come out of the woodwork and execute scams against policy holders. Do research on them and stay protected against these scams.

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