Cheap Motorcycle Insurance in Arkansas

Motorcycles are becoming a common mode of transport with people. The requirements in each state differ – to be able to ride one it is important to get all the paperwork. It is a driver’s responsibility to comply with rules and be a safe driver.

Arkansas Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements

The DMV in Arkansas recommends that new riders get familiar with the rules and take safety courses. Helmets and goggles for the eyes are a must – the motorcycle should have arm and footrests for passengers by law. Though it is a law that riders under 21 must wear a helmet, it is good idea for everyone to use one. Another recommendation is to wear bright colors to offer high visibility to other drivers on the road.

  • Registering motorcycles follows the same process as cars.
  • Motorcycles with 50cc engines or larger, have to be registered by owners before they can be driven.
  • Owners are responsible for paying taxes on the vehicle. Check the amount with the DMV and make sure that it is paid up and current.
  • Liability insurance is also a must.
  • When applying for the title certificate, the bill of sale, valid identification and proof of insurance have to be presented.
  • The vehicle will have to be present at the office before the title is issued.
  • Registration and license plates are issued only after the title is done. A one-time sales tax of 6-7% has to be paid on the vehicle.
  • Inspections are the owner’s responsibility. It is a good idea to keep it in good working condition.

Arkansas Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Required Paperwork

In Arkansas, before a vehicle can be registered and operated, owners have to buy liability insurance. The amounts are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident
  • $25,000 to cover damage to property

This is to ensure protection for all involved in case property in case of an accident. The State is very serious about enforcing helmet and protective eyewear rules.

Liability insurance, wearing helmets and safety eye gear are must for all riders, regardless of age. Insurance carriers put up policy information the State Insurance Database.


The State would like for people to enjoy their freedom and be good drivers. All the rules put in place are to keep drivers and property safe.

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