Cheap Life Insurance in California

In state of California the life insurance is regulated by part 2 of the California Insurance law. As per the law the life insurance policy holders are provided free look up period of 10 to 30 days within which they can cancel or return their insurance period with full paid premium refund. The law also provides 30 days grace period for payment of life insurance premium without any termination of cheap life insurance policy. The life insurance company is under an obligation to settle the death claim within 30 days of receiving the proof of death.

How to get cheap life insurance in California:

In California there are 480 life insurance companies which are licensed to offer cheap life insurance. With so many companies providing cheap life insurance and California being a highly populous and wealthy state has created a healthy competitive market. This competition has made cheap life insurance easily available at very reasonable rates. However, with so many options available, it is always advisable to do own research on the various quotes on cheap life insurance available and the life coverage offered. This will give you much needed edge while striking a deal with the cheap life insurance issuer. Also before buying the life insurance make sure whether there are any additional charges or terms & conditions attached to the policy. It is always prudent to disclose all your details to the insurance provider because any misleading information can lead to cancellation of your cheap life insurance policy. You can also do a search for cheap life insurance policy over internet before finalizing one.


Buying cheap life insurance is a personal choice but make sure that you are sufficiently covered and the insurance policy is bought from a reputed life insurance provider.