Cheap Life Insurance in Alaska

In the state of Alaska, title 27 of the Alaska Insurance code provides the rules for regulating the life insurance in the state. The rule provides a 30 days grace period for the payment of premium before the life insurance policy is canceled by the insurance issuer. All life insurance claims are settled within 2 months of submission of the relevant documents and the claim should be filed with the life insurance issuer and Alaska Decision of Insurance. In the state of Alaska there are around 400 life insurance companies which are allowed to do business in Alaska but none of those 400 is based out of Alaska.

How to get cheap life insurance in Alaska:

In Alaska you can get cheap life insurance policy from the life insurance companies which are licensed to issue the same. Nowadays you have several websites who provide you online quotations for cheap life insurance policy and compare the quotes against the benefits and coverage offered. This helps you in taking a researched decision. Also you can get the quotes by going to the insurance providers websites. It is always advisable to get quotes from multiple cheap life insurance providers rather than just going to one and buying the policy.

One can also reduce the life insurance premium amount by paying the life insurance in lump sum rather than paying on a monthly basis. Also, if you buy life insurance of all your family members from one insurance provider you can get a bulk discount.


When you buy cheap life insurance policy make sure that you take sufficient life coverage and just do not get deceived by cheaper quotes.