Cheap Health Insurance in Georgia

In the ‘Lack of Health Insurance’ category Georgia ranks 47th in the country. It ranks 46th for air pollution. Overall, it ranks 37th for being healthy. To make Georgia a healthier place, all the residents must have health insurance and lead a healthy lifestyle. Most people go without insurance mainly due to the lack of knowledge of their options and needs for health cover. The fact that one can have very low income or a very serious disease but can still get cheap health insurance in Georgia is an important fact that could pave the way towards a healthier Georgia.

Get Heath Insurance in Georgia

Many online sites, insurance advisors and the Georgia Insurance Department have enough information and offer guidance on how to get cheap health insurance in Georgia. By going to the aggregate websites, which take information from the insurance seekers, get quotes from different providers, and help compare the quotes, people can understand what they are eligible for in the form of insurance benefits and premiums. They can even purchase their policy online.

However, there are people who cannot obtain just any coverage due to their health or financial limitations. The government along with the private providers and HMOs offer different health coverage options for such residents of Georgia.

Government Programs

Georgia residents, who meet the income ceiling, can qualify for the partial aid offered by the Medical Assistance Plans sector of the Georgia Department of Community Health through the Medicaid program. The program offers full benefits to those who meet few other eligibility requirements.

Children who are US citizens, Georgia residents and aged 18 or below can qualify for the State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) in Georgia called the PeachCare for Kids. The family income of such children must be equal to or less than 235% of the Federal Poverty Level. Such families would not qualify for Medicaid, as their income level would be higher than the level allowed for the program. At the same time, they cannot afford private coverage.

Few other government-assisted programs that make cheap health insurance in Florida available for many are the Georgia Long Term Care Partnership, Health Insurance Continuation Program, Children’s Medical Services, and Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program.

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