Cheap Health Insurance in Florida

Lack of health cover is one of the top factors in the list of issues related to health in Florida. The state ranks 33rd in the America's Health Rankings. To fight this, the government and the private companies in Florida present the residents with several options to get cheap health insurance in Florida. The definition of what is cheap insurance would vary with the circumstance of an individual.

For a healthy person with more than average income, the best coverage would be the one with all the needed coverage options and more at a reasonable cost. For a person with pre-existing conditions and certain diseases, being covered by a basic policy would be a great need. For a low-income person, some program with little or no cost would be the ideal health cover.

Private insurance is the best option for the first group discussed above. They can choose from different policies and providers. The second group of people might try their case in the private market, as there are companies that cover them with some restrictions. However, if they are completely uninsurable, then they have the government high-risk pool program. For the final group of individuals, the government has different programs with free and low cost health cover.

Uninsurable Floridians

Florida residents, who have been branded uninsurable by the private insurance providers, can qualify for the HIPAA plan, which is the state’s high-risk pool program. To be eligible, they must have been declared uninsurable due to medical reasons, have had some cover without break for the past 90 days and must be the residents of Florida.


All children under 19 can qualify for some form of cover sponsored by the government if they meet the requirements. Florida Healthy Kids Program pools in funds from the families and state, local and federal bodies to subsidize the premium payable to private insurers. This way, the parents (who are not able to afford such coverage) can get health insurance for their children by paying only a small part of the premium. Kidcare is another option of obtaining cheap health insurance in Florida for uninsured children.

Low Income

Medicaid is the best option of health cover for people from low-income families. They can use this in addition to the private health insurance they have. Some qualifying individuals can avail of the complete benefits of the program.

People aged 19-64, who cannot afford coverage in the general market, can use the Cover Florida program. This program offers cheap health insurance in Florida to those who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and who did not have any form of cover for the last six months.

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