Cheap Health Insurance in Connecticut

One of the top three states in the US for being a healthy place to live, Connecticut offers best health cover for its residents. Finding cheap health insurance in Connecticut, though difficult only due to the ample choices, is not an impossible task. Even though obesity, smoking, diabetes and infant mortality are not that prominent in the state, records establish that they are on the rise. Binge drinking is the worst problem in Connecticut.

The best option for cover for an employed resident is to use the group plan offered by the employer. When one loses employment, one can use the COBRA plan extended by the employer’s insurance provider, until one is employed again. One can also get a short-term plan just to cover until the next group plan kicks in. If a person has a small business or is self-employed, he or she can get a small group or sole proprietorship plan.

For many unemployed, low-income people and those with certain pre-existing conditions, the above options many not be feasible or expensive. They can get no cost or cheap health insurance in Connecticut from some of the following sources.


For those who qualify, Medicaid would pay for outpatient and inpatient services, ambulance services, lab work, home based and nursing home care, and other medical services. The payment would be made after deducting the charges paid by any insurance held by the individual. Those receiving State Supplement benefit or AFDC and those who are legally blind, disabled, older than 65 years, younger than 21 years, or pregnant can get full benefits of the Medicaid program.


Irrespective of the level of income of a family, children who are 19 years or younger can qualify for HUSKY, which is Medicaid for children. Pregnant women and the caregivers or parents, based on their income level may also be eligible for cover under this program. HUSKY A covers children from low-income families and HUSKY B those from high-income families.

Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association

Health Reinsurance Association is the high-risk pool program offering cheap health insurance in Connecticut. The private insurance companies along with HMOs constitute this association. Qualifying individuals can be covered for diseases and non-occupational injuries. HRA offers four different plans: Individual, Conversion, Portability and TAA. Depending on the type of plan and age of the individual the premiums will differ.

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