Cheap Health Insurance in Colorado

Colorado is one of the top 10 healthiest places to live in the US. The percentage of uninsured and smoking is comparatively low in the state. The good choice of insurance companies and government programs ensure Colorado residents ample choices to obtain cheap health insurance in Colorado.

Even though Colorado is ranked high (#1) for low percentage of obesity, the issue is on the rise in the state. Similar is the case with diabetes and child poverty. Hence, even though one is living in one of the top healthiest states in the country, one must have proper health cover to face the uncertainties and raising healthcare costs.

One can surely get cheap health insurance in Colorado through the private vendors, provided one is healthy and can afford reasonable premiums. There are private companies that cover certain pre-existing conditions. However, people with low-income or pre-existing conditions, which are not covered generally, can find respite in the many government sponsored health care programs.

Colorado Medicaid

Colorado residents who are 65 or more in age, legally blind, disabled, pregnant, 21 or below in age, or receiving State Supplement benefit or AFDC, can qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid can also act as a great supplement to an already existing private health cover.

There is a special Long Term Care element of Medicaid, which aids people with their ongoing treatment or social services and support. There are specific financial and care level requirements to be met for this assistance.

Child Health Plan Plus

Children, who are 18 or under, and pregnant women, who are 19 or older, from low-income families, can qualify for the CHP+ program. The applicants need to be Colorado residents.

Co Indignant Care Program

The Co Indignant Care Program (CICP) partially compensates the medical expenses to selected health care institutions on behalf for the enrolled individuals (meeting income and residency requirements). This is not a form of insurance.


CoverColorado is Colorado’s high-risk pool program. Only those who have been designated uninsurable by the private insurers can apply for this program. It is supposed to be the last resort for cheap health insurance in Colorado. It could be the only resort for some. A resident of Colorado, who does not qualify for Medicaid and is uninsurable (due to pre-existing conditions), can qualify for CoverColorado.

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