Cheap Health Insurance in Arizona

Owing to the decline in the cardiovascular disease deaths, smoking and number of children suffering from poverty, Arizona has gone up in its rank and stands 29th in the list of healthiest US states. However, shopping for cheap health insurance in Arizona is not an easy task. Diabetes and obesity are on the rise in the state and being insured becomes even more important than it was earlier.

Arizona Health Insurance

Most people in Arizona would be aware of the group insurance plan offered by the employer. However, if you lose your job or there is a delay in your employer’s insurer covering you, you cannot risk being uninsured for longer than 63 days. This mandates that you at least be covered for a short tem by a cheap health insurance in Arizona.

You could qualify for an affordable policy with most major providers in Arizona if you are reasonably healthy, are under a specified age and can afford the monthly premiums. If you cannot afford the premiums and are uninsurable by the private providers, then you can consider the following options.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

AHCCCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program. Those families with kids under 19, meeting the income requirements (and other criteria), can qualify for AHCCCS. There is no monthly premium for this coverage.

Kids Care

This is Arizona’s SCHIP program. Uninsured children (under 18) from families with income higher than that, which qualifies for AHCCCS, can apply for this. There is a monthly premium of a low amount.

Parents of the kids who are part of the KidsCare can also be covered under the scheme, as long as the kids are covered. The premium will be based on the income level of the family.

High Risk Pool

Uninsurable Arizona residents (who have had continuous coverage for the past 6 months) can qualify for the high-risk pool under their HIPAA rights. The premiums vary from $104 to $347 based on the type of coverage and the age group of the applicant.

SOBRA Program

Pregnant women and children under 19, who are residents of Arizona, can get coverage through SOBRA program. There is no premium for low-income families and there is a nominal premium for high income ones.

Medical Expense Deduction (MED)

Those who have family income that is too high for AHCCCS can get cheap health insurance in Arizona through the MED.

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