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Have you bought a new Car? Or are planning to renew your car insurance policies that would lapse in few days? Are finding difficulties in choosing the most cost effective insurance quotes for you? Before giving a fat premium for your car insurance loan just read this on… Car insurance is dependent on several factors like the cost of car, cost of repair, age & sex of the driver, amount of deductibles desired, type of coverage desired and many more.

Here Is a Step By Step Guide to Help You Choose Cheap Car Insurance

  1. Car insurance is based on the cost of car, the cost of repair and its overall safety record. So be careful to check the insurance cost before buying your car and buy a safer vehicle to save on the premium.
  2. Get car insuance quotes from different types of insurance companies. Be sure to include one independent agent that can compare and contrast the offers for you. Choose the medium of contacting the insurance companies that you are comfortable with. The car insurance quotes are available in person, on phone and through Internet.
  3. Find a company that is financially stable. Use a rating company like Standard & Poor’s to know the financial well being of the company.
  4. Do not search for just price. Take advice from your friends and relatives on the quality services offered by your preferred insurance company. You can also collect information from the state insurance department regarding the complaints made against the company.
  5. Ask for the deductibles offered by the company. Increasing deductibles from $200 to $500 can reduce your car insurance premium by as much as 30%.
  6. It is better to drop collision and or comprehensive insurance in older cars that are worth less than 10 times the premium.
  7. Ask for discounts offered by company for age and sex of the insured, purchasing multiple insurance from the company, having a solid credit rating, low mileage account, using devices that reduce the risk of injuries or theft, having drivers education course.
  8. Having a steady job, having lesser number of drivers using the car can bring down your premium.
  9. Pay for a longer duration at a time, either six months or a year, the monthly premium options turn out to be really expensive.
  10. Keep your policy current, a lapsed policy would lead to payment of higher premiums
  11. Review your policy and get quotes every year to get the best and the cheapest quotes that suit your changing needs each year.

The Following Events Can Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium Amount

  • When you get married you can get a joint auto insurance policy thus spending less money and getting additional discounts.
  • After attaining 25 years of age or 55 years of age there are additional discounts that are offered by companies, so check them out.
  • When your relocate from one place to other the premium amounts have to be re-estimated depending upon the crime rate and associated risk to your car.

The comparison and purchase of car insurance has become more cost effective in the modern world. Thanks to the rising competition and the fast growing technology, there has been a dramatic shift in the way consumer’s research and buy Car Insurance from the market. Gone are the days when consumers only had one or two companies to choose their car insurance, now they have the privilege to choose their car insurer from the gamut of companies offering car insurance at cutthroat prices. You can get the multiple quotes from one single website and compare and contrast them to suit your needs!!! Making your choice more informative, convenient and quick. So what are you waiting for go and get the best deal.

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