Cheap Car Insurance in Oregon

Since Oregon is a wet state which sees an average of 150 rainy days each year, chances of car accidents are quite high. So car insurance is necessary and many companies can be found which offer cheap car insurance in Oregon.

Compulsory Insurance in Oregon .

The government of Oregon has made the following types of liability coverage compulsory:

  • Physical injury liability for $25,000 per person per crash
  • Physical injury liability for $50,000 per crash
  • Property damage liability for $20,000 for damage caused to the property of others

Additionally, every driver should also have personal injury protection insurance of $15,000 which covers medical and dental expenses until one year after the accident. The car insurance policy should also include uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per crash.

All drivers should have insurance covering at least all the above and if possible, even more.

Looking for cheap Car Insurance in Oregon

Offline Search

Finding cheap car insurance in Oregon is not all that difficult. One can do it offline by looking for phone numbers of insurance companies in the Yellow Pages and calling them and asking for quotes. The customer can then compare the rates and decide on the cheapest insurance.

Online Search

Searching for cheap insurance online is easier. A person sitting in his office or home can visit websites of insurance companies, enter the details asked and get free quotes. He can then compare the quotes and select the cheapest one.

An even better idea is to visit aggregator websites which display tables comparing the insurance rates of various companies. This will help quick policy comparison and selection.

However, before buying the policy, the customer should seek clarity on the various clauses in the policy and not pick it just because it is the most cheap car insurance in Oregon.

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