Cheap Car Insurance in Ohio

Looking for car insurance in Ohio is easier with the right help and guidance. To begin with one needs to understand the Ohio state law for minimum cover required by all motorists. This knowledge will make sure that you do not end up being under insured. As per the Ohio state law a driver has to obtain a liability cover of at least $12,500 per person and $25,000 per accident. A minimum property damage cover of $7,500 is required. Since Ohio follows the TORT system, one has to be well aware of its limits and make sure you are sufficiently insured. Ohio state law also requires a driver to get a minimum underinsured cover. Though this is not mandatory, it is advisable.

The average car insurance rates in Ohio are as less as $100 per month as compared to an average of $146 in the other states. These low rates can be attributed to many factors such as low rate of accidents, car thefts and vehicle traffic on the roads of Ohio.

Tips On How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Ohio

1. Once you are through with your research with the insurance companies choose the one that has a good reputation in the insurance market. Customer care should be their top priority and make sure about their policy for processing claims. All these add to the value for money.

2. Insurance companies offer discounts for safe drivers, young students, old drivers and many others. Do check in before you finalize the papers.

3. Premiums are low on cars that have low mileage and good maintenance.

4. Increase your deductibles and also the credit score if you want good quotes from your insurer.

5. Finally, make sure you pay your car insurance premiums annually.

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