Cheap  Car Insurance in New Hampshire

Choosing the right car insurance and for the best rates is a challenge in itself. It is imperative that one is aware of the motor vehicle laws in New Hampshire as the first step to buying a car insurance package.

  • New Hampshire law requires that all motorists are covered for at least $25000 (the 25/50/25 rule is applicable in this state).
  • The State also follows the TORT system according to which the person causing the accident has to take care of all the damages and medical bills of the persons affected.
  • The state gives a breather with the medical coverage limit where the minimum is fixed at $1000.
  • Having a bad driver record in New Hampshire increases the limits of your insurance. If you have been convicted of driving under influence or driving while intoxicated, then you need to obtain at least 3 years of cover.

Tips for getting Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire

  • Being a good driver and avoiding speeding tickets helps keep your premium rate in New Hampshire at the lowest. Many companies offer good discounts to such drivers.
  • Young drivers get an incentive for staying in school up to the age of 25 years and maintain grades of B and above. This results in discounted premiums.
  • Senior citizens however, have to pay more premiums. However, many companies conduct driving courses for senior citizens and on qualifying the older drivers can avail at least 10% discount on their premium.
  • People with a lower end car or an old model can avoid comprehensive collision charges in their premium as the policy will not even pay for damages or repairs on such cars.
  • Finally, it is worth filling out forms for at least 3 online insurance providers. This helps in comparing prices and landing a better deal.

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