Cheap Car Insurance in Nevada

Renewing or buying car insurance for the first time in Nevada can be a daunting task without proper research and guidance. So here are a few tips to choosing the right car insurance in Nevada.

  • Basic Car Insurance Law for Nevada: The Liability insurance is the minimum car insurance that a motorist has to meet in order to drive his vehicle. Every state in the USA has a different liability insurance limit. For Nevada, the bodily injury liability is set at as $15,000 per person, up to a maximum of 30,000. The minimum requirement of property damage liability of $10,000.
  • The first tip to buying insurance for your vehicle is price comparison. Nothing can beat independent research. Prices vary every year, not necessarily increasing by the year. They also decrease occasionally. So it is wise to check and compare and see if your current insurer is giving you a good deal for his services.
  • Make sure that the car insurance quotes for liability are the same as the physical damage coverage.
  • It is advised that you combine your car and home policies and avail a sizeable discount with the insurance company.
  • Older vehicle owners should definitely consider dropping their physical damage cover.
  • Senior citizens of Nevada do receive cheaper rates for their car insurance.
  • If you are affiliated to some professional organizations then you might qualify for some discounts.
  • Young drivers with good grades also can avail discounts on their car policies.
  • Online purchase of insurance comes at a far lesser rate than through an insurance agent. It is the best way to reduce your premium for the same cover.

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