Cheap Car Insurance in Montana

Car insurance is a necessity and we all want one with a low cost premium. Some of the insurance companies that provide cheap car insurance in Montana are: Butte car insurance, Helena car insurance, Great falls car insurance and Billings’s car insurance.

Factors that Influence the Car Insurance Premiums

  • Your average speed limit should fall under 65 mph on urban roads and 70 mph on the highways.
  • Your blood alcohol levels must be below 0.08. If you have ever been caught under DUI (Driving under Influence) then the premium on your insurance will be higher.
  • Also any other traffic violations or accidents in your driving record will add to the premium.

Basic Cover Applicable in Montana

  • Minimum injury liability coverage of up to $25,000 for every person injured in case of an accident not exceeding a total of $50,000.
  • According to the TORT system followed in Montana, the person found to be at fault is the one responsible for all the damages caused in case of an accident.
  • Montana State Law recommends that your insurance should cover the damages if the other person involved in the accident is under-insured or not insured.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance in Montana:

  • Online companies offer the cheapest cover for cars. Check the company reviews before finalizing.
  • There are online auto insurance quotes comparison tools that give a comparative analysis of the most popular companies in Montana. These are quite reliable and save time too.
  • Choose a policy that covers both liability and vehicle coverage. The premiums on these packages come at no extra cost and are therefore more value for money.
  • Choose a policy with minimum paper work and claim process.
  • Choose a company that scores high on customer service.
  • Lastly, if you own a lower end car the insurance will be cheaper and the process faster.

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