Cheap Car Insurance in Michigan

Getting insurance coverage for property is always a good idea and more so for automobiles. In the US, car insurance is mandatory for all drivers, though requirements differ from state to state.

It is always a good idea to call an insurance company and talk to an agent to find out what is needed in the state you live in.

Tips for Prospective Customers

In the state of Michigan, it is absolutely mandatory to carry no-fault insurance.

The Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation is a good source for information on tools and circumstances that affect the amount you will have to pay. They can also give you information on companies to choose from and how premiums can be lowered.

Aspects Covered under the No-fault Insurance Policy

  • These are the parts covered by this policy
  • Personal injury protection covers instances where one has lost wages, pays for medical expenses and also funeral expenses.
  • Liability will cover damage to the vehicles and also injuries to people - $20,000 for a single driver’s medical expenses and $40,000 in case there are passengers and $10,000 towards property damage.

Other Coverage

It is generally recommended that people get collision insurance and also coverage for uninsured motorists. This is because the driver will have to pay for the repairs in case of an accident, if they don’t have it.

Points to Note

  • Some laws are unique to Michigan like
  • Illegal U-turns in places where it is posted is a violation.
  • Headlights have to be white and every car must have 2 in the front.
  • Turn signals are a must.

Thanks to the Internet, there are several options for customers to choose from- companies as well as coverage. Check with an agent to see what you need and what you are likely to pay to have peace of mind while driving.

Cheap Car Insurance by State

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