Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

Florida State Law for Car Insurance:

Florida has specific laws about the amount of insurance one should carry while driving called the minimum insurance coverage plan. Florida State like any other state stipulates minimum car insurance coverage which one needs to carry while driving which are as follows:

  • Bodily and personal injuries USD 10000 per person.
  • USD 20000 for collective bodily injury and personal injuries per accident.
  • USD 10000 for property damage.

The amount of coverage is always an individual decision and hence the car owner can always be on a higher insurance coverage then what is required by the law. Florida also has a concept of “No Fault” insurance making the insurance premium little higher. “No Fault” means the insurance provider, in the event of an accident will consider the driver at “no fault” and will bear all the cost.

Reasons for High Car Insurance Cost:

There are various reasons one can quote for high cost of car insurance but the main reason is lack of adequate research on insurance quotes available. The other reasons for high car insurance cost being bad driving history, age, sports cars etc.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance IN Florida:

The state’s minimum insurance coverage is not as high as other states in US but saving few dollars is never a bad option. First do an online search on the available quotes based on your car insurance requirements. Alternatively, you can also hire a registered agent to provide you competitive quotes. It is also advisable to bundle your other insurance needs and take it from the same insurance company. This will fetch you huge discount. You can opt for annual payment rather than monthly payment and save few hundred dollars for lump sum payment. Always make sure that you go for reputed insurance companies.

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