Cheap Car Insurance in Connecticut

Connecticut State Law for Car Insurance:

Connecticut State requires every car owner to have at least the minimum car insurance coverage as stipulated by state laws. The law states USD 20000 for personal injuries and USD 40000 for total personal injuries per accident and USD 10000 for property damage as the minimum car insurance requirement. The car owners however can opt for higher insurance coverage if they wish so.

Reasons for High Car Insurance Cost:

The minimum car insurance coverage is higher in Connecticut as compared to other states in US and hence calls for higher insurance premium. The cost of car insurance also increases if as per insurance company the risk assessed in higher. The risk increases if you have bad driving history or you own a sports car or you are a teenager and other allied factors. Your insurance cost will also shoot up if you take insurance on leased car.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Connecticut:

One should always do some research on the car insurance quotations available in the market keeping in view your individual car insurance requirements. This will give you an edge while negotiating the car insurance deal and save some dollars. You can also go for one time premium payment instead of monthly which will again save you money. The other way to reduce you overall insurance cost is do bag all your insurance need and get it covered from one insurance company including your car insurance coverage. This will save you good amount of dollars. Also you can select annual premium payment which comes at a discount rather than monthly premium payment. Saving on insurance cost is easy in Connecticut with lot of insurance providers in the market making competitive car insurance quotations.

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