Cheap Car Insurance in California

Car Insurance Law in California

The laws around auto insurance in California are similar to other states in United States of America which makes it mandatory for every driver to carry minimum amount of car insurance coverage while driving. The California state laws makes it mandatory to have minimum personal injury coverage of USD 15000 per person and USD 30000 per accident and USD 5000 coverage for property damage. There is no insurance requirement for off highway vehicles or trailers.

Mistakes Leading to Higher Insurance Cost:

Though it is easy to get cheap car insurance in California, people tend to make mistakes while selecting the right insurance and end up paying more. First of all, people in a hurry do not do online search on insurance rates and discounts available. People always tend to go to one which is the most convenient. Also, they do not evaluate the value of their car and end up insuring more than what is required. Also renew your insurance before it lapses or get cancelled since the status is tracked. In California people travel a lot because of huge distance between home and office and it also increases the insurance cost. High probability of travelling on highways also increase the insurance cost.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in California

California has many insurance providers offering competitive and attractive car insurance rates. The policies are also bundled with other insurance needs to make it more attractive and cheaper. In California you can find different car insurance packages which suits your needs and budget however make sure that the policy you buy has no hidden conditions. Also, if your pocket allows, then go for annual premium payment which is cheaper than installment payments.

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