Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

Car Insurance Law in Arizona

The State of Arizona also asks the drivers to mandatorily have minimum car insurance coverage in 15/30/10 ratio. The 15/30/10 ratio means that your insurance should provide USD 15000 for personal injuries per person with a maximum cap of USD 30000 per accident and another USD 10000 to cover any property damage caused due to an accident. The Motor Vehicle Department keeps track of people whose insurance has lapsed or cancelled and non-renewal attracts heavy penalty.

Mistakes Leading to Higher Insurance Cost:

First mistake which people do is not estimating how much car insurance coverage they need and the second major mistake is not doing a thorough search on lowest possible quotes available in the market. Lack of information increases your insurance cost unnecessarily. Big cars and rash driving almost doubles your insurance cost. Car insurance coverage for teenage drivers also comes at a higher cost.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

Never go for buying a car insurance coverage without knowing your insurance need. It is you who should decide on how much insurance you need (of course you need to have at least the minimum stipulated by law). Remember that safety measures fetches discounts and hence keep minimum safety gears in your car. Asks the insurance company for discounts and remember to read the fine prints. Keep your driving record ready and clean when you go for buying car insurance coverage and never hide any information from the insurance provider.

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