Cheap Car Insurance in Alaska

Alaska State Law for Car Insurance:

In the state of Alaska the requirement for minimum car insurance coverage is much higher than other states. The State law requires 50/100/25 as minimum car insurance coverage meaning:

  • USD 50000 per person for bodily injuries with USD 100000 as a limit per accident
  • USD 25000 for any property damages inflicted during accident

The law also requires you to carry proof of insurance with you while driving. If caught without such proof as stipulated then your license may be revoked for 90 days to one year and your vehicle may be impounded.

Reasons for High Car Insurance Cost

Alaska has many weather disadvantages which lead to high insurance cost coupled with high minimum car insurance coverage stipulated by the law. Driving a car in Alaska is difficult because of snow showers, snow clad roads and low visibility during winter seasons. Snow also makes the roads slippery making driving riskier. All these make car insurance costly. The state traffic controllers are also very strict in terms of mandatory requirements and have strict fine for rule violations.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Alaska

In Alaska traffic violations are measured in point basis and fewer points get you more discounts. Though minimum requirements for car insurance coverage is high, yet it is possible to strike a good deal if you take few steps like taking car insurance from the same insurance company which offers you other insurance cover. You can also take a note of few low quotes when you go for car insurance coverage and negotiate based on that. Remember, the more competitive information you have about the car insurance market more bargaining power you have. Also, try to get in touch with more than one insurance company and strike a deal with one which gives you the best offer.

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