Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama

Alabama State Law For Car Insurance:

In Alabama, laws are strict around car insurance. The minimum coverage a driver needs to have is USD 25000 for personal injuries, USD 50000 for total injuries per accident and USD 25000 for property damage. While driving a car, it is mandatory for the drivers to carry a valid proof of insurance. If you are caught without such proof of insurance, then your registration might get suspended and a heavy fine is levied on you. If you are caught more than once, then you may get a 4-6 months suspension and USD 200 penalty and you need to produce a proof of insurance.

Reasons for High Car Insurance Cost:

The main reason for high car insurance cost in Alabama is people do no shop around for insurance cost. The other reason is the age factor. Male teenager pays more insurance premium because of their tendency to take more chances and risk while driving. If you own a sports car, the insurance will obviously go up. The insurance company assesses the risk and then defines the premium. Also, if you are paying your car installments, then also the premium shoots up. Most importantly, the cost is higher because of the minimum coverage requirements and mandatory requirements to hold an insurance proof while driving.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama:

Most of the insurance companies offers discounts if go to renew your insurance with a good report card. Also, if you take other insurance like home insurance or life insurance from the same insurance company they offer a group discount. Always do some researches on discounts offered by Insurance companies while selecting the car insurance provider and ask for discounts available without any conditions. Always compare the rates offered by Insurance companies. Also, you need to assess your car value before opting for the insurance coverage.

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