Cat Insurance in USA

While cats sleep sixteen hours a day, they still manage to rake up a hefty veterinary bill in the time that they are awake. Just like we insure most things that are valuable in our lives like our homes, cars and our lives, the cat owners who value their cats, needs to insure their feline friends too.

While most cat insurance plans in USA provide coverage for accidents, illnesses, prescriptions, surgeries, hospitalization and much more, it is good to keep in mind the following few points:

1. Stage in Lifecycle: Each lifecycle stage for a cat may bring with it related or unforeseen health issues. Young kittens need vaccinations, adult cats need preventive care whereas older cats face age-related problems; hence, as a cat owner, one needs to choose the best type of plan which would provide cover for the same.

2. Personality and Breed: Depending on your cat’s personality or breed it may require special care or treatment; so, it is good to take that into account when deciding the insurance cover. For example an indoor cat will require a basic cover whereas an outdoor cat will need a more comprehensive insurance cover.

3. Research and Compare: Cat insurance companies in USA are ever willing to give you free quotes based on which you can do a comparative study and decide which type of insurance plan would be best suitable for your feline friend. 

4. Read the fine print: While different companies offer different coverage combinations, cat insurance in USA mostly include reimbursements, deductibles and exclusions just like human or any other pet insurance. Majority of the companies provide the minimum reimbursement for treatment in cases of accident, illness or disease while the level or extent of coverage rises with premium costs.

5. Customise your plan: Cat insurance companies are also open to customising a cat insurance plan specifically keeping in mind your cat’s health requirements. It might be a little more expensive than a basic plan, but in terms of insurance, cheaper is not always better.

6. Experience Counts: It is always wiser to select an insurance company which has more experience rather than a newbie as it will not only have the experience of handling certain queries and events but will also have the expertise and the infrastructure to provide the best after sales service as well as claims. 

7. Other things to consider: Prioritise your cat insurance requirements by listing them down priority-wise. For example: What do you want to cover the most? Just the vet bill or would you like cover for the theft and death as well. This will help you determine what kind of insurance policy your cat requires.

8. Location: Insurance cover for your cat also depends on where you live. If you live in a busy urban environment where injury by cars is more likely and vet bills may be more costly, then the insurance premium will be higher too.

9. Think and Decide: Think before deciding your cat’s insurance policy as choosing the best cat insurance is important because it is likely that either you would like to stay with the insurance provider or else you could be stuck with the insurance provider for the life of the cat as, changing policies may affect the cover available in the long term.

After all, the right cat insurance can make a difference in the life and death of your valuable cat companion and give you peace of mind.

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