Car Insurance Rates in USA

  • Car insurance is designed for those individuals who own cars and aims to protect them and to cover the costs incurred due to damages to the car and the insured individual during car accidents. Car insurance is available to those insured individuals who meet with an accident and suffer from physical injury or any damage to the car caused due to negligence on part of the insured individual. 
  • Rates for car insurance in USA are provided by the insurance company and may differ from state to state. The insured individual can raise his/her insurance coverage from the insurance company before the actual loss or damage to the car by means of an additional charge, which the respective insurance company may demand.

Car Insurance rates in some ofcar insurance rates the states of USA

  • California: In the state of California the minimum insurance coverage in case of accidents is US $5000. It is offered if there is damage to the car or some property, while US $ 15,000 is given for the expenses of one person is injured or has been announced dead. US $30,000 is offered if injury or death has been recorded for more than one person.
  • Oklahoma: In the state of Oklahoma, $25000 is paid for the treatment of an insured person. The state will also pay not more than US $50,000 in case of injury to the persons other than the insured person. US $25,000 is supposed to be paid by the insurance company to rebuild or repair the car parts that were damaged during the accident.
  • Texas: In Texas, the car insurance rates differ from other states. Here the insured person is paid US $20,000 for covering the costs of medical treatment to treat the injury sustained by a single person present in the car at the time of the accident. In case of damage to the car and the property, the insurance company pays up to US $15,000 for the costs of repairs. US $40,000 is paid to cover the cost of medical treatment of all the individuals present in the car at the time of the accident.

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