Car Insurance for Young Driver

Are you young and energetic, have finally been able to pass through the driving test and have luckily got the permission from you parents for driving a car? Don’t take the impulsive decision of purchasing and buying a car. There are several things you must know before that as it is mandatory for all kinds of car drivers to obtain car insurance failing to which could not only mean exposing yourself to the dangers of driving but also severe penalties (even imprisonment in some cases).

So do get a car insurance. Its no secret that car insurance premium for young drivers is expensive. This is because of the fact that young drivers are inexperienced and are more susceptible to accidents as compared to old drivers which means that the claims against the insurance made by them would be far more than the older drivers this extra risk causes more money to the insurance companies and hence an extra premium for the young drivers.

So what can be done to save on this extra premium that young drivers have to pay. If you are a student try and get good grades, they qualify you for some discounts in the premium. Pay attention to the type of vehicle for which you want to get insurance, if you choose a car (like Sierra Cosworth) that is prone to more accidents, your premiums would automatically go up. So try and choose a car from the low premium group.

Keep a check on the type of accessories and modifications you choose for you car for is you choose an expensive mega system or whale tale they would all be added to the coat of your car and would hence increase the premiums. Weigh the type of coverage that you want – comprehensive coverage is the most expensive one and probably important for expensive and new car but if you are driving an lesser expensive car and / or an older car you can choose third party coverage with one or two more add ons like theft and fire insurance. Keep a check on your mileage for if you are driving less mileage the premiums would be reduced.

A good track record of driving and decent credits for it exhibit that you are less vulnerable to accidents and hence would automatically reduce the premium amount. Shop around to identify the most cost effective quotes from at least five different companies, the best way is to surf internet, you can find comparative quotes on single website. Last but not the least take advice from your family and friends before making the final decision. Following the above guidelines might appear unwieldy but they are worth considering and rewarding for you!!!

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